Description: The VX-40 Series has unique technology which makes it absolutely the most stable Outdoor Sensor which utilizes Passive Infrared Technology. Designed to provide Reliable Performance, Ease of Installation and Multiple Applications for the Dealer and End User, the VX allows your customer the ability to utlize Perimeter Awareness in their home or buisiness.

Specifications: Selectable NC or NO Alarm Output, Temperature Compesation Circuit, Illuminance Sensor, Day-Night Mode, Sensitivity Adjustment: L, M or H, LED ON/OFF Switch, Selectable Pulse Count: or Spare Terminals

Description: Modulated infrared barrier consisting of a projector and a receiver. It constitutes an efficient safety system for the protection of passageways or spaces which are equipped with automatic doors or gates. A pleasantly designed case encloses innovative te

Specifications: Power supply:12-24 V ac/dc., Infrared emission with continuous modulation 610Hz, Emission wavelength 950nm, Control: double relay with serial exchange as required by the standard UNI 8612 regarding accident protection for gate, door and automatic opening

Description: Indour/outdoor use (wall mount or ploe mount), Protection range 25m(LK-25HD), 40m(LK-40HD),60m(LK-60HD), 80m(LK-80HD), Powerful twin beams of pulsed infrared eneray to reduce false alarms, Immunity to infrared interference from sunlight and other light s

Specifications: Coverage outdoor use 25m/40m/60m/80m, Detection method: Pulse infrared, Interruption period 50~500msec (varlable), Power input 10.5~24 VDC (no polarity) or 8.5~18 VAC, Power Consumpition (at 12VDC input): 45mA/50mA/60mA/70mA, indication LED: Transmitter.

CDR 841 / 851
Description: Formatting infrared barrier which is consisted of a projector and a receiver. It constitures an efficient security system for the protection of spaces which have mechanical doors or passages. An aesthetically beautiful frame surrounds technical solution which settle the system highly reliable and safe under any function. The electronic SMT allow the horizontal and vertical settlement of the lens. Steady lens 10m. Easy placing for wall and buld-in mounting. The series of the offering versions satisfies all the possible demands.

Specifications: Infrared photo-electric cells. Resisting frame. Dimensions: Wall mounting 56 x 90 x 60mm, Built-in 80 x 96 x 15mm, Additional part 59 x 79 x 40mm, Steady version 60 x 90 x 22mm, Special version with aluminum frame: 66 x 132 x 58mm, Function scale: 10, 15 or 60mm, in outdoor space under any weather condition. The lens is adjusted horizontally and vertically and vertically in order to allow any kind of placing. Steady lens. Double relay command whih corresponds in sequel trading to standard UNI-8612. Power supply: 12-24 V AC/DC. Protection deggree: IP-55. Electronic with use of the technology "SMT".

AX-70T / 130T
Description: Rain, Fog and Snow protection. Two beams of pulsed infrared energy provide reliable operation despite as much as 99% blockage of beam energy causes by heavy rain, dust, storm, fog, or falling snow. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit continually monitors grandual changes in signal strength caused by weather conditions and sccordingly, to maintain proper sensitivity. Frost, Dust and Insect protction. Anti-Frost design incorporatesspecial slots on the cover allowing beam passage even when the cover is completely frosted over. The OPTEX causing desighn also reduces condensations and water built-up, whilesealed optics provide greater protection against dust and insects. Protction against Birds, Insects and Falling Leaves. Twin beams simultaneous interruption to trigger an alarm. No alarm is generated when only one beam is blocked by a small object. Beam interruption time can be adjusted according to the peculiarities of each installation site. When protecting a wall or fence, a long intrruption time will catch the intruders, but let jumping cats through. This allows you to increase stability, while reliability at installation site. Easy Installation and Alignment. View finder provides rough alignment, while voltage meter jacks allow fine tuning. Powerful twin beams are sharply difined and will attain the optimum signal strength easily. The pole mount brackets supplied will allow installation of two units on a pole at the same height.

Specifications: Detection method: Infrared Photoelectric, Range: (70T) Outdoor 70ft. (21m) Indoor 165ft. (50m), (130T) Outdoor 130ft (40m), Indoor 330ft.(100m), Maximum Arrival Distance: (70T) 700ft. (210m), (130T) 1,300ft(400m), Beam Characteristics: 1,000pps. 8,800A pulsed infrared, Interruption Period: 50 to 500msec (variable), Power Input: 10 to 30 VDC, Current Draw: (70T) 35mA max (10 ~30VDC), (130T) 39mA max (10 ~30VDC), Indicator: Transmitter-Green LED On in transmitting condition. Receiver-Red LED On in alarm condition, Alarm Period: 2 sec. (+-1) norminal, Alarm Output N.C. 28 VDC, 0,2A max, Tamper Switch: Opens When cover is removed, Operating Temperature - 13oF to 131oF (-25oC to 55oC), Envirnment Humidity: 95% max, Alignment angle: +-5o Vertical, +- 90o Horizontal, Mounting: Wall and Pole, Dimensions inches(mm): 6,57"/H x 2,64"/W x 2,58"/D (167/H x 67/W x 66,5/D), Weight: 24.3oz (690g), Standard Accessories: Screws (0,6" x 3/4" self tapping) x4 Pole mount kit.

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